; Interpreting your Guided Meditations and Visualisations, Understand the meaning of the symbolism in guided imagery.

Guided Meditations and Visualisations - Interpreting your Journey

Picture with a signpostpartiallt hidden symbolising the hidden messages in visualisations and dreams.

Your journey is your own and although guided your experience may be very different on each occasion of listening to a visualisation. On some occasions the imagery you receive may leave you feeling confused as to what it means, as dreams often do. Here I give you a few questions to ask yourself that may help trigger you in understanding what the message is from your visualisation.

Is this image a symbol or is it literal?

What feelings do I have towards this image?

If this image could speak and tell me what its trying to tell me in this visualisation, what would it say?

What/who does this image remind me of?

What do I associate with this image - what events/situations/relationships does it remind me of?

If however you are still left wondering, I can help you. I emphasise at this point that we will work together usually over a couple of emails to come to a clearer understanding of what you particular journey is about, empowering you to be able to interpret the images you recieve for yourself. I will ask you some questions about your life and about the visualisation and associations you have with the images. I may make some suggestions as to what it may mean, or I may just ask you questions and help you come to your own interpretation. At the end of the day though you must trust yourself and your feelings about my words as to whether they are right for you or not. I aim to empower you to interpret all your visualisations yourself, as that's what these journeys are all about - empowerment to find your own answers.

I do charge for this service as it takes time for me to understand and feel into where you are and what is going on in your visualisation. At present the fee is £ 20 per visualisation

For on going support through a number of months and work with the journeys then please enquire personally, so I can assess the suitability and your requirements on an individual basis.

For Visualisation interpretation please click on   the button below to pay by credit card through PayPal and email me your visualisation details, and your thoughts so far and any other information you feel is relevant.  

Please also note I strongly suggest that if working with visualisations and/or dreams is bringing a lot of painful issues from the past, that my email support alone is not enough, even on an ongoing basis, and that you should seek professional face to face counselling or psychotherapeutic help. I can help you decide what type of therapist would be good for you and point you in the direction of reputable organisations who can help.


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